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The attached file is a PDF showing John... More
Rick Llewellyn Aug 31 '14
I had the Forum enabled and then I disabled it,... More
Rick Llewellyn Jul 13 '14


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  • Not much time for genealogy ... just moved into a new house we built ...
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  • Darlene - I never found mention of Emanuel in all of my years of researching. Wayne Lewallen noted him (I believe) from land records as well. And I am pretty sure there were others we know nothing about. in the early censues and tax records, Anderson clearly had children older than Joel, William, John and Andrew. I suspect Emanuel and Zachariah to be among those older children - just have no proof.
    Feb 25
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  • Rick or anyone else, have you ever found any information on Emanuel Luallen/Lewallen of Morgan Co, TN (later Scott Co)? I found an old email from a descendant of Zachariah Davis Lewallen (descendants of Zachariah & my Mathew match 66/67 markers) who said she found an old land record that indicates that Zachariah Lewallen's neighbor was Emanuel Lewallen. I found a land grant on ancestry date 1836 that shows Emanuel acquired 200 acres on Black Wolf Creek in Morgan (now Scott) Co. Also mentioned were Joel and Herrod Lewallen. And, thanks to you Rick, I found that The Heritage Book of Morgan Co, TN also lists Emanuel and Matthew with the other Lewallens (William,Anderson, Andrew, etc). My male cousin's DNA matched only Zachariah Davis Lewallen's descendant…not any of the rest of the Lewallens. BUT both my cousin and I are finding distant matches on gedmatch that seem to indicate that we ARE related to y'all.
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  • The site seems to be failing from time to time. I am working on that problem.
  • About the banner picture - the man on the far right is John Bell Llewellyn, my great grandfather, taken around 1900 at the Concord School in Knoxville, Tennessee.
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