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The attached file is a PDF showing John... More
Rick Llewellyn Aug 31 '14
I had the Forum enabled and then I disabled it,... More
Rick Llewellyn Jul 13 '14


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  • The site seems to be failing from time to time. I am working on that problem.
  • About the banner picture - the man on the far right is John Bell Llewellyn, my great grandfather, taken around 1900 at the Concord School in Knoxville, Tennessee.
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  • Tennessee Veterans
    I found some records on Llewellyns from WWI, WWII, and Korean Wars
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    Nov 10 '14
    Would like to know more about Gillis Morgan! I, have Morgans on both sides
    Nov 10 '14
    Gillis is a member of this community. Perhaps he will check in a notice your note.
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    Thank you, Rick, for providing us the site and allowing me to join. BTW, when I tried the 2nd link to join using my iPad, it once again would not connect to the site. Switched to my laptop Windows 7 professional and voila! no problem!
    Nov 10 '14
    Yep. This software I chose turns out not be too good. I did experience some problems during the past week when the site when down due to a maintenance issue that I neglected. We will muddle through this!
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